Administrative License Suspension


The Georgia Department of Driver Services will seek to suspend your driver's license for one full year upon a refusal to submit to a state administered chemical sobriety test. It is utterly imporant for an individual desiring to keep his or her license to appeal and contest the suspension. To contest the suspension, a request must be made in writing within 10 BUSINESS days of the refusal.

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) requires that the request for hearing contain certain specific information such as the licensee's name, date of birth, current address, and daytime telephone number. Additionally, the hearing request should contain the names and addresses of any potential witnesses who may testify at the hearing, a concise statement of the facts, the relief sought, and the contact information of your attorney, if you have one.

The Office of State Administrative Hearings conducts the hearings. Once an adequate letter has been submitted requesting a hearing, the Department of Driver Services will sent out notification of the time and location of the hearing. DDS generally attempts to set hearings within a 30 day period, but often times it is longer. If you've been arrested for DUI and refused the chemical sobriety test, it is vital that you get the request for an appeal in writing within the 10 day window. At the Law Office of Robert L. Booker, we will discuss your case with you and draft your letter for a nominal fee, even if you don't hire us to represent you in the DUI.

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