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Lawrenceville Criminal Attorney

Charged with a Crime in Lawrenceville?

An individual arrested and charged with the commission of a crime can benefit from a strong legal defense offered by The Law Office of Robert L. Booker. We are dedicated to helping defendants who face criminal charges and a possible conviction that could change his or her future. A criminal conviction can result in a job loss, inability to retain certain professional licenses, denial of admission to a college of choice, or a possible loss of a child custody award following a divorce. Some offenses may render an individual ineligible for a career in the armed forces, law enforcement or other types of employment requiring a high level or trust or security clearance.

A defendant faces the loss of certain rights and freedoms if convicted of a crime. Following an arrest for a criminal offense, contact a Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of Robert L. Booker before making statements to the authorities that a prosecution could use to its advantage. It is important to have effective legal counsel when dealing with the criminal court system and court procedures. Our legal team is knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law and has the resources and experience necessary to defend clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges.

What is a Defense Attorney?

A defense attorney, also known as a defense lawyer or criminal defense lawyer, is a legal professional representing individuals or organizations accused of committing a crime. Their primary role is to provide legal counsel and advocacy for their clients throughout the criminal justice process.

The responsibilities of a defense attorney include:

  • Legal Advice: Defense attorneys advise their clients on their legal rights, potential legal strategies, and the possible outcomes of their cases. They help clients understand the charges against them, the evidence presented by the prosecution, and the potential consequences they may face if convicted.
  • Investigation: Defense attorneys conduct independent investigations to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and examine the prosecution's case. They may hire investigators or experts to help build a strong defense and challenge the prosecution's evidence.
  • Negotiations: Defense attorneys engage in plea negotiations with the prosecution to secure a favorable plea deal for their clients, if appropriate. They may negotiate for reduced charges, lesser penalties, or alternative sentencing options.
  • Court Representation: Defense attorneys represent their clients in court proceedings, including arraignments, pretrial hearings, trials, and sentencing. They present legal arguments, challenge the prosecution's evidence and witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, and make persuasive arguments to the judge or jury.
  • Legal Strategy: Defense attorneys develop a legal strategy tailored to their client's case. This strategy may involve challenging the legality of the evidence, questioning the credibility of witnesses, presenting an alibi or alternative explanation, or arguing constitutional violations or procedural errors.
  • Protection of Rights: Defense attorneys protect their clients' constitutional rights throughout the legal process. They safeguard against unlawful searches and seizures, protect the right to remain silent and ensure fair treatment during questioning and trial.
  • Expertise in Criminal Law: Defense attorneys deeply understand criminal law, procedural rules, and court precedents. They use this knowledge to navigate the legal system effectively, identify potential defenses, and provide competent representation to their clients.

At Law Offices of Robert L. Booker, we take great pride in offering the services of our highly skilled and experienced criminal attorney in Lawrenceville. When you choose our firm, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with professionalism, commitment, and expertise.

Types of Criminal Offenses

Criminal offenses are no laughing matter, and our firm is comprised a team of hard-hitting defense attorneys who will fight tirelessly against your charges. We never underestimate the serious nature of a client's case, and we bring every resource to the table to achieve a positive outcome for our clients. Our legal team will vigorously defend the rights of individuals charged with the following offenses and more.

The law in Georgia states that it is illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medication that impairs your ability to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. If you have been accused of a DUI, you must act quickly to avoid automatic license suspension and other serious penalties.

Charged with assault in Lawrenceville? This type of criminal charge is usually the result of an alleged threat or attempt to injure another person, and you can be liable for severe penalties if you are convicted. You need the help of an aggressive defense attorney who can fight for your rights.

If you have been accused of intentionally causing harm to another individual, you need to protect your rights against the penalties associated with battery. This crime can lead to devastating consequences such as incarceration, probation, severe fees and more.

Due to the severity of this crime, it is imperative that you seek legal representation from a skilled defense attorney if you have been accused of murder. We will assist you with challenging the evidence that led to your arrest, and provide you with effective defense in the courtroom.

Depending on the motivation behind the crime, manslaughter can be charged two ways. The penalties are vastly different for an involuntary manslaughter as opposed to voluntary manslaughter, and our firm can provide you with the information and strong defense that you need.

Domestic Violence 
These charges typically result from the alleged assault or battery of a family member, and your future will be drastically affected if you are convicted of this crime. Regardless of whether this is your first criminal offense or not, our law firm can provide you with the legal defense you need.

Drug Crimes 
Are you facing charges for crimes involving drugs? The best way to get the answers and representation you need is by contacting a Lawrenceville criminal lawyer who is well-acquainted with drug laws and drug cases.

This serious white collar crime will have an overarching effect on every aspect of your life. If you are convicted of embezzlement, you will face the possibility of losing your job, owing serious fines, and much more.

Sex Crimes 
Have you been charged with a sex crime in Gwinnett County? Act now to protect your rights, your reputation and your future. Sex crimes can result in mandatory sex offender registration, among other penalties, and you may lose the possibility to secure certain job or housing opportunities in the future.

Theft Crimes 
Theft crimes can be classified as robbery, burglary, or trespassing depending on the nature of the situation and arrest. If you have been charged with this type of crime, talk to a lawyer at our firm about your options for a winning defense.

Individuals who are convicted of trespassing in the state of Georgia will face the possibility of fines or jail time. This crime is defined as interfering with another person's use of personal property without their consent, or entering their land after you have been asked to leave.

Traffic Offenses 
A traffic ticket may seem like a minor offense, but you will suffer higher insurance rates and other costs as well if you are convicted of your ticket. A lawyer from our firm knows how to effectively fight your ticket in the courtroom in order to help you avoid these penalties.

Violation of Probation 
Have you been accused of violating your probation? Without the help of a defense attorney, you may be given a new sentence that has more severe penalties. Regardless of how minor the violation may be, your freedom is at risk.

​White Collar Crimes 
These types of crimes are usually committed by high-class, socially-prominent business men who are seeking personal financial gain. The most common white collar crimes are fraud and embezzlement. White collar crimes are always non-violent in nature but they cause severe financial hardship.

Criminal charges are serious and the penalties can be significant, resulting in the following:

  • Time in jail or prison
  • Large fines and court fees
  • Probation or parole
  • Court mandated counseling

Penalties can increase if prior offenses exist, or if the crime involved minors, gang-related activities, or the use of weapons in the commission of the crime.

Assertive Advocates in Your Time of Need

A prosecutor must present a case and convince a judge or jury beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. The defense has the right to challenge all evidence presented by the prosecution, including arrest procedures, search warrants, police reports, victim statements, forensic evidence, and additional evidence used to prove the case against the defendant. Attorney Robert Booker understands that each case is unique and realizes the importance of working closely with clients when formulating an effective defense and keeping them informed throughout the entire criminal proceeding. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Contact Lawrenceville criminal attorney Robert Booker at the firm today to schedule your free case evaluation!

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