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Charged with Selling Drugs in Gwinnett County?

The Consequences of Selling Illegal Drugs

Law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges take a hard line when it comes to individuals accused of selling drugs. Expensive fines, potential jail time, and heavier penalties for repeat offenders are only the immediate hardships an individual faces when convicted of a drug sales offense.

Convicted drug crime offenders face many difficulties as a result of a conviction. Having an offense related to selling drugs on your criminal record can have a profound effect on your ability to obtain a good, high paying job. It can also halt your career; destroying any hope you may have of advancement. Bank loans and approval for housing may also become exceedingly difficult. If you have been accused of selling drugs and would like to avoid the horrible repercussions of a drug sales conviction, it is of the utmost importance that you contact our Lawrenceville firm immediately.

Aggressive Defense You Can Trust

The best way to protect yourself from the consequences of a drug crimes conviction of this nature is to aggressively fight the charges filed against you. At the Law Office of Robert L. Booker, we take an active approach to defending our clients against drug sales accusations. Our firm can protect you from the any illegal practices employed by law enforcement officers during the arrest or in the gathering of evidence. You have rights under the constitution that we will zealously protect.

Police officers must follow very strict guidelines when obtaining evidence or building a case against an individual. Failure on their part to follow protocol violates your rights and should not be tolerated. Many cases have errors and flaws that could be identified and used to help you in your defense. The first step is a thorough review of the evidence to determine the best defense against your charge.

We are available 24/7 and will give you the honest, straightforward counsel you deserve. Contact our legal team at once if you are accused of selling drugs.

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