Sex Crimes
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Sex Crimes in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Rape, Prostitution, Assault, Sex with a Minor

Being charged with a sex crime can potentially ruin your personal and professional reputation irreparably. Even having your name connected to unfounded accusations related to a crime of a sexual nature can adversely affect you. A sex crime conviction, in most cases, automatically results in mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Sexual assault, sex trafficking and sexual abuse, is all punishable by law in the United States and could result in a mandatory sex-offender classification. Sex offender registration will limit the type of employment you can take, as well as the legal right to live in and around certain areas. A second prostitution offense could land you on the list of sex offenders, along with sexting (sending explicit sexual content or pictures via text message), or sex with a minor. It is determined that if you have sexual contact or relations with someone that is 1,060 days younger than you, then it could be considered sex with a minor as well.

Types of Sex Crimes

Depending on the seriousness of the charges and the nature of the crime committed, a sex crime conviction can result in long prison sentences. Rape is one of the most common sex charges which usually involves over force or threats of violence if they do not willingly consent to the sexual behavior, and statutory rape is when you participate in sexual relations which a person not legally of age to consent.

Whether you were charged with rape, sex with a minor, or prostitution, you should take up the necessary protection to avoid a conviction. The best line of defense against allegations of a sexual crime is a qualified attorney who has the reputation and track record of success. Having a skilled and knowledgeable attorney such as Robert Booker can greatly increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome at trial.

Protecting Your Rights & Your Future

At the Law Office of Robert L. Booker, we have the knowledge and commitment necessary to defend you against the damaging effects of a sex crime conviction. Our firm has a solid understanding of the seriousness of these kinds of allegations. We make every effort possible to fight to defend you with the goal of protecting your rights, your future and your freedom. Your reputation and your freedom are too important to leave in the hands of a less qualified attorney. Our legal team will work closely with you to establish the particulars of the circumstances surrounding your case so that we can build a defense strategy that will counter that presented by the prosecution. It is very important to fight sex crime charges as soon as possible to avoid the negative repercussions associated with allegations of this nature. Call Attorney Booker today if you are in search of criminal defense for your sex crime charges.

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