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Overview of Per Se DUI

Per Se DUI: Impaired or Not Impaired?

Is consuming a couple of drinks before dinner or enjoying wine with your meal enough to label you a drunk driver? It does if your BAC (Blood alcohol Content) level is .08 or higher and you controlled a motor vehicle. You insist that you had total control of your vehicle at all times and never once felt drunk. You were just out with friends and never once slurred or staggered. What are the chances the arresting officer will listen to you and let you go? The chances are very slim. The numbers that register on the Breathalyzer is all that matters. The lead attorney at the Law Office of Robert L. Booker can defend you against a Per Se DUI charge.

Defending DUI Charges in Lawrenceville: Per Se Cases

Frustrating, and also possibly life altering. The prospect of conviction of drunk driving in Georgia is not a matter that anyone should face alone. Their DUI attorneys are skilled at presenting to the court the difference of impaired and not impaired, and will be stand up for you and defend your rights.

The laws in Georgia provide for heavy punishments for all types of DUI; a conviction will lead to jail time, community service, expensive fines, and alcohol treatment classes. The defense lawyer from the firm will be on your side and will be protecting your legal rights.

Over the past ten years between 13.000-26,000 people are arrested annually on DUI charges. Countless licenses were either suspended or revoked. Who can say how many DUI convictions could have been avoided with the proper legal representation? It is of the utmost importance to secure an experienced DUI lawyer to defend your case regarding BAC. They offer free case evaluation, free consultation, as well as flexible payment plans for criminal cases. They will take your case seriously form the moment you contact them and will insure you are represented fairly in your DUI case.

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