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Lawrenceville DUI Attorney

Caught Driving Under the Influence?

It is against the law in Georgia and in all other states to drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications that impair the ability of the driver to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. Law enforcement receive training on how to watch for suspected drunk drivers and they have the right to pull suspicious vehicles to the side of the road and conduct standard sobriety testing. Field sobriety test consists of multiple tasks for the driver to perform to test for balance and coordination. These tests include standing on one leg, walking and turning in a straight line, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test which looks at the involuntary twitching and jerky movements of the eye when intoxicated.

The results of sobriety tests however, can sometimes be contested in court because of the minimal room for error in the software and design. If the officer believes more testing is necessary then the driver may submit to a Breathalyzer test or more extensive testing of blood or urine to determine the amount of driver impairment to test their blood alcohol content (BAC) level. If you have been charged with DUI, speak with the Lawrenceville DUI lawyer at our firm today for the assertive defense you need and deserve.

Georgia DUI Statutes

A refusal to take the test can result in an automatic driver's license suspension for 6 months to 1 year. If a test on an adult over 21 years of age reveals a blood alcohol measurement of 0.08 or higher, the driver is over the legal limit and is too intoxicated to properly operate a moving vehicle and may face arrest and DUI charges. A zero tolerance law lowers the threshold to blood alcohol level of .02 for drivers under the age of 21.

Individuals driving with a commercial vehicle licenses are subject to a DUI for .04 blood alcohol content levels. It is important to contact our legal team immediately following an arrest and before making any statements to law enforcement officials that can be incriminating. With a 2nd DUI or 3rd DUI conviction, the penalties will become much more severe and your license could be revoked altogether. The Law Office of Robert L. Booker is knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law and defends all types of criminal cases including DUIs. A DUI, even a first time offense, is a serious crime with consequences.

Fighting to Keep a Clean Criminal Record

Attorney Robert Booker represents clients during the DUI process from the time of arrest, during arraignment, at motor vehicle department hearings, and during all court proceedings. A defense attorney can challenge all evidence presented by prosecution utilizing all available defenses common in DUI cases. A DUI conviction may result in:

  • Jail time
  • Fines and court costs
  • License suspension
  • Alcohol and drug abuse education

Penalties increase for prior DUI offense, a DUI traffic collision with injuries or fatalities, the presence of a child in the vehicle, or a hit and run. Don't entrust the fate of your future to just anyone. For an effective defense, make an appointment today for a free consultation with trusted DUI defense lawyer Robert Booker.

Contact a Lawrenceville DUI lawyer from the Law Office of Robert L. Booker today and fight for your license.

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