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Murder Defense Attorney in Georgia

Are you facing murder charges?

There are few legal situations more serious than those in which an individual is facing charges for murder or is under investigation for this crime. A conviction on a murder charge will have terrible penalties including:

  • Life in prison – with or without the chance of parole;
  • Capital punishment – death penalty; and
  • Enormous fines and fees

Due to what could potentially be at stake, if you or a loved one has been accused of murder, or is the subject of a pre-charge investigation for murder, it is imperative that you immediately seek the legal counsel of Attorney Robert Booker, who will make your case the top priority. The first critical step is to have our attorney evaluate the case and determine what errors or flaws could be brought to light in court. If you are wrongfully accused, it cannot be assumed that your innocence will be the determining factor in the outcome of the case; the prosecutor believes they have enough evidence to convict you, and you must move forward to defend your case without delay.

Superior Legal Services - Unmatched by any Competitor

At The Law Office of Robert L. Booker, our Lawrenceville criminal attorney is prepared to provide you with the superior level of representation you need when facing charges of murder. Defending a capital murder charge takes tireless case preparation and often requires an independent investigation of the facts to uncover evidence to support the case for your defense and help to seek a not guilty verdict.

No two criminal defense cases are identical, and when accused of murder the facts that could be valuable to your defense must be sought at once. We believe there is a workable solution in every legal matter we take on and are dedicated to scrupulously investigating your situation and finding the best defense strategy to employ. Your future freedom is our top priority and we will fight zealously to defend you against your charges. We know how important the outcome of the case will be to you and your family and will give your defense our full focus from the moment you engage our services. So don't even hesitate to contact a Lawrenceville criminal lawyer from the Law Office of Robert L. Booker with any questions regarding your criminal charges.

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