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Robbery: Theft Crime Overview

Theft vs. Robbery

Robbery is a very serious felony crime that is committed when someone takes, or tries to take something of value from another person, either by harming them or threatening to do so. Robbery exists in many forms, and can be committed against other people and businesses where money is readily available. Common robberies take place in convenience stores, liquor stores and banks. What creates the necessary distinction between theft and robbery is that theft is stealing, while robbery is stealing in conjunction with the threat of physical harm. Another important distinction lies between robbery, which is intent to steal with the threat or act of physical harm, and armed robbery, which encompasses robbery but carries additional penalties due to the possession of a weapon.

The charges for robbery can be very severe. Since robbery is a felony in all 50 states, the sentences are much less lenient as with misdemeanors. Prison sentences of 1 to 20 years are commonplace for those convicted of robbery in Georgia, although a minimum of 5 years is specified if the robbery involved a person 65 years of age or older. If you know somebody who has been accused or charged of robbery, contact lead attorney, Robert Booker, right away to begin building a case that will give you the best chance.

Confident Legal Counsel On Your Side

The Law Office of Robert L. Booker have confidently represented the accused in many cases of robbery for years and have gained a commanding ability to assemble a solid, supportive argument in defense of those charged with the robbery crimes. Our firm focuses on your constitutional right to receive a fair trial and competent representation, and Attorney Robert Booker provides those services at every possible turn. He is dedicated and thorough, and his attention to detail in matters of criminal defense is crucial in terms of creating a body of evidence that may significantly reduce or eliminate the possibility of a guilty charge.

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