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BAC: Blood Alcohol Concentration

DUI Blood and Breath Test Evidence

You filled out and submitted your ALS Suspension Notification & Chemical Test Report at the Georgia Department of Safety to serve as a temporary driver’s license after DUI arrest. When that is complete, now you have 30 days of legal driving, and only a few days to get your defense lawyer into action before your court date. Whether your BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) bypassed the minimum .08, or you refused the BAC and were arrested by the officer who claimed you were exhibiting signs of intoxication (did you know that an officer can arrest you without the BAC test if you appeared impaired?) , it is crucial to secure a high quality DUI attorney to defend you. Scientific methods, retesting of independent blood labs, questions regarding blood absorption time at the time of arrest all fall under the many techniques in BAC defense cases. Our legal team at the Law Office of Robert L. Booker can challenge your BAC evidence and other evidence, always pursuing the best possible results in your case.

Challenging BAC Evidence in Court

One important point may be the BAC at the time the accused person was driving, not when the BAC was being tested. The science behind alcohol absorption in the blood is an important part of defending against DUI charges. All of the many facets of BAC and DUI will be explored when developing a case for your defense. You will have the benefit of our knowledge regarding DUI evidence and a thorough understanding of the science behind blood and breath test evidence, and the common errors that are made in testing. The Lawrenceville DUI lawyer from the firm is committed to his clients and wants you to receive the highest quality DUI defense, including challenging errors in BAC evidence. You deserve that level of commitment and quality if you are facing charges.

We are confident in the court setting and can quickly determine how to best to defend you against charges. We are dedicated to pursuing the best possible results. You have one court date pending, and it is important that you move quickly to contact our firm to ensure that your day in court is handled with professional representation and relentless dedication in defending you against a DUI based on BAC evidence. Contact Attorney Booker today!

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