Drug Possession
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Lawrenceville Possession Lawyer

Charged with Possessing an Illegal Drug?

A drug possession charge is a very serious offense that can have severe repercussions if you are convicted. Depending on the quantity and type of illegal substance or substances found on your person at the time of arrest, you may be facing serious jail time and heavy fines. Offenses of this nature have a lasting effect on all aspects of your life. Other than the immediate consequences of a possible conviction, such as fines or jail time, a drug possession conviction will be on your criminal record for any individual to discover should they do a background check.

With a drug related criminal record, it will be increasingly difficult to find a good job, advance your career, be approved for housing or a bank loan, or to receive any other form of financial assistance. Most of these privileges require an individual to have a clean or decent record. Employers will, in most cases, chose an individual without a criminal record over one with a conviction, and banks or landlords are more willing to trust an individual if they have a clean criminal record. No matter what the circumstances of your arrest may be, if you face drug possession charges, it is essential that you contact Attorney Booker at the firm, to protect your future and safeguard your reputation.

Protecting Your Rights - Safeguarding Your Future

Law enforcement officers have to follow a strict protocol when it comes to search and seizure, under the Constitution. This includes gathering evidence against individuals under the suspicion of drug possession. If the officers do not follow these strict guidelines, any evidence gathered against you could be inadmissible. At the Law Office of Robert L. Booker, we have a solid understanding of the laws and circumstances associated with drug possession charges. Our firm has the knowledge and skill to fight the charges brought against you. You should never jeopardize your future by failing to hire a quality defense attorney to represent your interests. Do not hesitate to contact our office immediately.

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