Georgia's Implied Consent Law


Driving is a Privilege, Not a Right

Whenever we jump in the car to pick up our kids from school, run to the grocery store, stop by the bank and run our constant errands, we never stop to think about the possibility of not having any means of transportation. What if you didn't have a valid license? It is important to remember that in the United States, driving is a privilege and not a right and it can be take away from you. This is especially relevant in the state of Georgia, under the "Implied Consent Law." Under this statute, if you are pulled over under suspicion of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, and you refuse to submit to a chemical test then your license can be automatically suspended. Simply by having a Georgia driver's license, you have already given your implied consent and by failing to comply, you can receive harsher punishments for your DUI charges.

Many drivers refuse to cooperate and take a breath, blood or urine test so that law enforcement officials will have a more difficult time convicting them and gathering evidence to charge them with DUI. This behavior in fact, can cause more harm than good for you case. By refusing a chemical test, the courts believe that you are admitting guilt and you have something to hide. Law enforcement officials are trained to determine sobriety in other ways, they will check the dilation of your pupils, conduct field sobriety tests, and smell the hints of alcohol in your breath.

Field sobriety tests are physical demonstrations that test your balance and coordination abilities. If you are under the influence however, these simple tests become much more difficult to perform. Walking in a straight line or balancing on one leg could help peace officers determine you sobriety but they are not always accurate. If you have been arrested for DUI and refused a chemical test, I urge you to contact a DUI defense lawyer immediately and begin taking up the proper legal protection. Your license may be automatically suspended and you need to fight for your right to drive.

The Georgia courts will make it a point to penalize anyone who fails to comply and cooperate under the Implied Consent Law. That is why you need hard-hitting defense fighting in your corner to help protect against the tough prosecution. Our legal team at the Law Office of Robert L. Booker will fight vigorously to have your charges reduced or reduced completely. We may be able to find loopholes and flaws within the prosecutor's defense and have the evidence against you deemed inadmissible. Our firm will protect your rights and your best interests. Contact our Lawrenceville office today for qualified defense you can trust with your DUI charges.

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