I've been arrested, when will I be Indicted?


After an arrest, a particular point of confusion for many people is how long will it take before they have their day in court or get their case resolved. The speed of the criminal process is determined by the interaction of the agency that made the arrest, i.e. police department, etc., and the investigators in the prosecutor's office. In the State Courts, the Prosecutor will be the Solicitor General's office. In the Superior Courts, it will be the District Attorney's office. Your case will fall into the natural progression of the cases they investigate.

It usually takes several weeks from the date of the arrest for the initial incident reports and other paperwork to be transferred to the prosecuting attorney's office. From that point, an Investigator investigates the case further for the Prosecutor. The Investigator checks to make certain that witnesses are available, that the incident report is complete, that statements have been taken from all persons involved in the case, and that evidence has been secured and is available for the prosecution. Once the case has been fully investigated and a case summary prepared, it is transferred to persons in the Prosecutor's office who draw the formal accusations or indictments, bringing the charges to court. The Prosecutors generally labor under an extremely large caseload. This process can take from four months to possibly a year, depending on which county your arrest took place in.

The State has Prosecutors working to build their case against you. It is important to have a skilled criminal defense attorney working to defend you! Call the Law Office of Robert L. Booker today, and let us discuss your case with you.

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