Georgia Implied Consent & BAC Testing

Chemical Test Refusal Results in Automatic License Suspension

Refusal of a breath test may have seemed like the best idea at the time. At the Law Office of Robert L. Booker can help you feel confident that it was indeed the right choice. Arrest for suspicion of DUI is already a stressful situation; feel confident that our firm will use every means available to help you relieve some of the stress by obtaining the best possible results for you.

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Driving a vehicle while impaired is taken seriously in the State of Georgia. Therefore Georgia is one of many states with an Implied Consent Law. Under this law a person is required to submit to a blood or breath test after arrest to determine the level of alcohol or drugs in their system. A person does have the right to refuse BAC testing (Blood Alcohol Content) under the U.S. Constitution, but their driver’s license will be suspended, complicating an already difficult situation. Attorney Robert Booker is compassionate at the prospect of loss of driving rights which could seriously impact work and family.

Act quickly and our legal team will perform the necessary actions to fight to help you avoid suspension, and the timing is critical. You only have 10 days after arrest to avoid DUI suspension of your license. Don’t you owe it to yourself to receive the best possible representation and fight to avoid loss of your driving rights.

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