Lilburn Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges in Lilburn?

The Law Office of Robert L. Booker is a seasoned criminal defense law firm serving the residents of Lilburn and individuals all throughout Gwinnett County. Whether you are facing charges for assault, or if you are being accused of murder, you are in need of a strong Lilburn criminal defense attorney fighting on your behalf. Even if you are entirely innocent of the charges, you could still be convicted for a crime you did not commit, if this wasn't true, innocent prisoners would be exonerated each year based on new DNA technology, but they are.

Should you go with our firm, we will be entirely committed to helping your case in every way that we can. We are here to answer your questions, educate you on Georgia laws and legal procedure and give you honest and forthright advice about our case.

Misdemeanors and Felonies in Georgia

There is no doubt you are probably very concerned about your future, and reasonably so. Our firm is adept at handling all types of misdemeanor and felony crimes, including traffic offenses. If you have been arrested for DUI or are facing charges of assault or battery, we can defend you. We also handle theft crimes, drug crimes such as possession and manufacturing, as well as various sex crimes including sex with a minor, prostitution and rape.

If you have been accused of embezzlement or any type of theft crime large or small, we can defend your case. We also represent those accused of trespassing, probation violations and even the most serious felonies including murder and manslaughter.

Criminal Defense Representation in Lilburn

As your law firm, it's our job to search for and unearth any flaws in the prosecution's case against you. Sometimes this might mean an error in how evidence was collected, otherwise known as a search and seizure violation, or any other flaws. As a detail-oriented law firm, we will carefully comb through the evidence in your case and cross-examine any eyewitness testimony. Sometimes the smallest technicality can be the very thing to exonerate you. Having a heavy weight fighting in your corner can make all the difference in the final outcome of your case, let an attorney from the Law Office of Robert L. Booker put their years of experience fighting the Georgia court system to work for you! Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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